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Diy 3d lake map

Here's a super easy way of making a 3D topographical map of anywhere in the world: you could literally be laser-cutting a map within 10 minutes of reading this instructable. I've always liked maps like these and there are some great tutorials out there But I recently learned how to use Slicer for Fusiona plugin for Fusion free to educators, students and hobbyists that slices up STL files into pieces that you can stack together and make a 3D model. Did you use this instructable in your classroom?

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Go to the wonderful Terrain2STL utility. You will be greeted by an interactive Google map. Navigate to the geographical area of interest by zooming and dragging, and click "Center To View". Go next to Model Detailsand use the Box Size slider to make the red box large enough to incorporate the feature you want. Be aware however that the larger the feature you select, the bigger the STL file you will end up downloading.

To start with, I suggest you pick a box size of or smaller. You're ready to make your STL file! Click Create and Download. If you haven't already, install the Slicer plugin for Fusion Browse to your downloaded STL file, and open it. Now go to Tools Slicer for Fusionand it will launch as a new program which used to be a standalone product called D Make.

It will launch Slicer, and at that point you can open the STL file you want to use just fine. Thanks to jon-a-tron for answering this on the Autodesk Forums.

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You will end up slicing the model, and you may have to rotate the Slice Direction so the material stacks as horizontal layers. It is important to consider what you are going to make the model out of. Click on the pencil under Manufacturing Settings and specify the width, length and exact thickness of the material you are going to use.

Under Select a Technique Now, adjust the model size until you get a form that is pleasing. Very often, you will need to exaggerate the vertical scale to get interesting topography, and to get the features you want accurately displayed you may have to tweak the overall size of the model. Once it has taken a form you like the look of, click on Get Plans the Nested option uses material slightly more efficiently and export the plan as an EPS file.

I strongly recommend starting with cardboard - the material itself is cheap and the cutting time is fast. I delete the border, delete layers I don't need often full sheets with no features on them that are generated because the feature I'm mapping is at high elevationand improve the nesting for efficient cutting.

Easy 3D Topographical Maps With Slicer

I then set the line thickness to 0. Set blue up to cut whatever setting is appropriate for that on your machine and red up to cut but at maximum speed and a MUCH lower laser power, so it only very lightly scores the surface. Send your files to the laser cutter or service. Free all of the pieces from the sheet and lay them out in numbered order. Assembly is easy and quite fun for simpler maps.A typical day for Lisa includes: getting up to see the sunrise, bicycling, interning at Make:, reading and writing short stories, and listening to audiobooks and podcasts for hours while working on projects or chores.

This layered, laser cut map, however, is an object that directly reflects the elevation of Portland, Maine. Scott Shambaugh created this map of his hometown as a gift for his parents. Hills and ocean depths that would be lost on a simpler map are highlighted here, and make for an interesting geographical piece of artwork. In part one of his guidehe goes over how to use open source geographic information to format a map fit for a laser cutter.

In part twohe shows how to assemble the layers of wood for a display-worthy finish. According to Shambaugh, the hardest part of the process was creating the map itself. In Adobe Illustrator the map information is formatted into separate layers to prepare them for laser cutting. Since this was a one-off project, he had his design files laser cut by a third party.

He stained the lower ocean levels different shades of blue, but kept the wood natural for the landmasses.

diy 3d lake map

He affixed the layers of the map together with glue and then framed the whole thing. Maps tell all sorts of stories. For example in the map I made, you can see where the glaciers carved paths tens of thousands of years ago, and where rivers have eroded their own course since. You can see how the naturally deep harbor has made Portland ideal for large tankers and ships, and where the seafloor has been dredged to facilitate this.

Latest Want to Make a Topographical Map? Lisa Martin. By Lisa Martin Lisa Martin. Shambaugh had this to say about the mystique of maps and mapmaking: Maps tell all sorts of stories. Send this to a friend Your email Recipient email Send Cancel. Thanks for signing up.

Please try again.About 10, years ago, the Great Lakes began to form. Today, you can own a decorative and accurate 3D wood map of the Great Lakes that beautifully displays a nautical topographic map as art. Our quality chart selection includes a wide variety of locations near and around the Great Lakes.

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Our Great Lakes 3D topographic wood map fits perfectly in living rooms, studies, bedrooms and just about everywhere else! The Great Lakes form the largest group of freshwater lakes on Earth and are as fascinating to look at on a topographic map as they are beautiful to see in real life.

Order your Great Lakes nautical chart today or contact us if you have any questions for friendly and knowledgeable customer service! Camp Cup 12 Oz. Water Bottle 12 Oz. Wine Tumbler 20 Oz. Tumbler 20 Oz.

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Petoskey Stone Camp Cup 12 Oz. Great Lakes Bottle 20 Oz. Great Lakes 3D Topographic Wood Map 3D topography art is a must-have home decoration for anyone who is fascinated by geography or has a passion for life on the water.

Bass Islands. Burt and Mullet Lakes. Door County. Drummond Island. Grand Traverse Bay. Great Lakes Composite. Green Bay. Lake Charlevoix. Lake Erie. Lake Huron.

diy 3d lake map

Lake Michigan. Lake Ontario. Lake St. Lake Superior. Lake Winnebago. Muskegon to South Haven. Northwest Michigan. Straits of Mackinac.Lakehouse Lifestyle's laser-carved lake map product range features unique gifts for loved ones or a fantastic present for yourself to celebrate your very own lake house lifestyle.

Our 3D and 2D wooden lake maps are a stunning addition to any home.

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Made from Russian birch wood, professionally framed, and ready to hang on your wall. Or, if you prefer, you can buy only the wooden lake map and frame locally yourself. Lake art and topography art are very on trend at the moment, and these laser-carved lake maps are fully customizable to suit your needs. You can add the location of your home or your favorite place on the lake. It's those personal touches that make lake art a truly unique and distinctive choice.

With more than 4, United States and Canadian lakes available to order, you're sure to find your lake among our list of options.

But, if you can't, contact us and we'll research to see if your lake is available to be made into a 3D or 2D lake topography map. We offer many different sizes in the carved wooden map range, from 16" x 20" right up to 36" x 48".

But if a framed wall hanging isn't what you're looking for, we also have some other great products to showcase your lake.

diy 3d lake map

The laser-carved lake wall clockfor example, is a great alternative. Available in a 14" or 17" clock, the contours of your lake and its surrounding shoreline are laser-cut to create a stunning, yet functional carved lake map. The wall clock is an attractive, yet functional, addition to any home. Presented in a bound, hardwood format, the name and map of your lake will be laser engraved on the front cover — a beautiful feature of this carved lake map product.

Making a 3D Lake Map

The lake art serving tray is also a great way to infuse some lake house style into your home, without going overboard - so to speak. This laser-carved product will show all the features of your lake and shoreline and is a great functional example of topography art for the home. A two player cribbage board is yet another great laser-carved lake map gift. There's nothing better than lazy days by the lake, playing cards and games in the sunshine.

Do it in style with this unique cribbage set! Lakehouse Lifestyle's wooden lake map products are laser-carved using the latest technology to represent the contours and surrounding shoreline of your lake.

What's more — our customers absolutely love these products! All the neighbors go right to it when they see it on the wall. A great conversation piece too!A topographical map shows the features of the landscape, including landforms like mountains, plateaus, lakes, streams and valleys.

Contour lines drawn on the map indicate the elevation of natural features of the terrain. Making a 3-D topographical map provides kids with the opportunity to demonstrate their understanding of landforms and elevation with a hands-on activity. Although at first it may seem like a difficult task, when made with papier-mache, the project comes to life with little effort. Once the base is completed, a few final touches create an outstanding display that can be used as supplemental material in a geography unit.

Explore map styles

Enlarge the outline of the map to fit a large sheet of poster board. Copying the map on a transparency and projecting the image onto the wall with a projector is a quick way to create the appropriate size image. Simply trace the outline onto the poster board. You can also enlarge the image on a photocopier, cut it out and either paste it onto the poster board or trace the outline directly on the poster.

Locate landforms on the map you are using as a reference. Check the legend the box at the bottom of the map that contains the symbols used on the map of the map to determine the symbols used to indicate specific landforms like rivers, streams, hills, mountains and valleys. Determine the elevation of each landform by reading the contour lines on the map. Contour lines indicate the height of geological features and are generally written in feet.

Mark landforms and elevations on the poster board with a pencil to create a guide for forming the papier-mache. Squeeze small sections of papier-mache between your fingers allowing excess glue to drip back into the bucket and apply a thin layer of papier-mache to the entire map area. Build up areas of higher elevation using the contour lines on the original map as a guide.

Mountains may need several layers of papier-mache to reach the desired height. Use your best judgment to simulate approximate height and keep landforms in proportion.

Duplicate the texture of the terrain by molding the papier-mache with your fingers. Make rough terrain like rocky hillsides by forming the papier-mache into irregular edges with your fingers.

Smooth the papier-mache with your fingers for areas that are smooth or level. Create indentations for river or lakes by making indentations in the papier-mache with your fingers or other object like a pencil or dowel.Carved Lake Art is located in beautiful Charlevoix, Michigan.

Our love of the lakes and seas is expressed in the decorative wood charts that we offer. Please browse out site and let us know of any questions or comments you may have. Our charts are beautiful, our shipping is free and your satisfaction is guaranteed. We're Featured on Home Shopping Marketplace!!!

Carved Lake Art is proud to present you with a beautiful, high quality selection of framed nautical charts. Our love of the lakes and seas is expressed in these decorative wooden wall maps. Plus, bathymetric wood carved lake maps make great gifts for boaters! Our 3D wood carved lake maps are cut to show both an artistic and accurate depiction of a wide variety of locations and terrains. From the east coast to the west coast and beyond, you can find framed, high quality topographic wall maps here.

Bathymetric lake maps make great conversation-starting decoration pieces, and also for perfect for helping you map your travel and vacation memories!

Ground shipping is fast and free for all US orders! Have a question about our carved wood art? Send us a message or give us a call today for fast, friendly and helpful customer service.

Camp Cup 12 Oz. Water Bottle 12 Oz. Wine Tumbler 20 Oz. Tumbler 20 Oz. Petoskey Stone Camp Cup 12 Oz. Great Lakes Bottle 20 Oz. Carved Lake Art is open for business. We continue to ship your orders within 1 to 2 business days. Please contact us before using Next Day or 2-Day Shipping. Thank you for the orders and kind words as we weather this storm together.A morning swim.

Boating in the afternoon. Fresh air lulling you to sleep at night. Honor the lake life with this wooden art piece. It also displays surrounding roads, towns, and landmarks, so let the sweet summer memories flow. Ah, just down that road is the lakeside ice cream shop.

Across that highway? That fruit stand with the best watermelon. Choose the size you want, which corresponds with the number of layers, from one to eight. Each layer adds depth and detail in painted maple plywood. Laser-cut, hand-assembled, and framed in cherry wood in Harbor Springs, Michigan. Click here to see the complete list of lakes and coastal regions. This is a made-to-order item. Items that are made to order or oversized can't be sent in a Gift Box. Instead, you can include your Gift Message on the shipment's packing slip.

At this time, this item cannot be shipped to P. Territories including Minor Outlyling Islands. Contact custom uncommongoods. Still haven't found the details you're looking for?

Ocean Opulence. Unlike some quick-darting sea creatures, jellyfish…. Run Chicago. Nothing brings Chicago together like a…. Street Shredder Triptych. Skateboarders end up with permanent…. This hand-assembled, wood topographical map shows the contours and 3D details of your favorite lake. Share Save. Due to the nature of this item, each is unique and will vary. Made from stain, cherry wood, maple plywood. Care Dust frame with a soft cloth. Notes Based on the orientation of the lakes chosen, some measurements will be opposite.

For example based on orientation of lakes art work could be either 11" x 14" or 14" x 11".

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Level of detail and exact number of layers will vary based on lake chosen. Size 14" x 18" can show up to 3 levels of water depth, while 16" x 20" and 24" x 30" can show up to 8 layers of water depth.

Please note that the 11" x 14" size features one layer of water depth, and topographical information is shown with one level of laser cutting, as opposed to multiple levels.

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